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Microelectronic Services


Mipot offers services and products made in a clean room with Microelectronics technology.
The term microelectronic technology intend to indicate, in the context of the industrial manufacturing processes of integrated circuits called HYBRIDS,
made on a ceramic basis (aluminium and beryllium oxides, aluminium nitrides) which in many cases are used in telecommunications, avionics and military applications, medical.

Global Approch for continuous improvement

Component Procurement

Supplier management, Vendor Scouting, Volume contracting


Incoming, Traceability system, automatic component management

Component Assembly

Bonding passive and active components with conductive resin, DIE bonding with non-conductive resin


Traceability of lots, PCB laser marked, traceability components and automatic Warehouses

Manual and Semi Automatic Bonding

Bal Wedge bonding: Gold wire 25µ, 33µ, 150µ
Wedge Wedge bonding: Aluminum wire 150µ


Automatic depaneling by laser, manual depaneling with rotary cutter and punch cutter, washing electronic boards

Conformal coating

Selective, immersion, spray UV conformal coating

Functional Test

Automatic and Manual Test, Burn-In, Run-In Test customed for each Customer

Full System Assembly

Low and flexible volume

Seal Test

Sealing on nitrogen with helium
Sealing check with Helium


Stabilization brake, Temperature Cycling, Costant Acceleration, Pre Burn-In, Electrical Test, Run-In, Final Electrical Test, CQ Controll.

Packaging and Global Distribution

Packaging upon with customer specifications and world wide door-to-door fast delivery

After sales Support

Product assurance, Maintance, analysis process

Customer Satisfaction