emz - Hanauer GmbH & Co KGa ha scelto il TRX Mipot LoRaWAN™ per i loro nuovi prodotti eGate nell'ambito dello Smart Waste Management

Cormons (GO), 13th December 2017 - emz - Hanauer GmbH & Co KGa, (EUR 100 million turnover, 900 employees, headquarters in Bavaria, Germany, develops and produces electromechanical and electronic components), have chosen Mipot’s 32001353 LoRaWAN™ transceiver for their new Smart Waste Management eGate M5 and eGate S7+ products.

Most municipal waste collection operations focus on emptying containers according to predefined schedules at a set frequency. This system is inevitably inefficient, with half-full bins being emptied, poor use of city assets and unnecessary fuel consumption. A new growing smart solution is The Smart Waste Management which manages the urban waste collection in the cities, with the aim to optimize waste management services, reduce operational costs and better address the environmental issues related to inefficient waste collection.

Placing LoRaWAN™ Technology based sensors developed by emz in the new eGate trash bins with their low energy consumption and high durability, it is possible to identify each user and keep a tight control on the state of the container, its location and security, increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of the waste management teams. With this Smart Management solution, it’s possible to provide a better and more efficient waste management service, reducing the amount of time and energy required. The smart trash container equipped with a LoRa™ Technology based sensor can now “talk” to the waste management company, giving real time information about its full capacity and allowing waste management companies to schedule new routes only when necessary. In the same time by identifying each user, the waste management company can introduce the “pay as you throw” principle, which consists that the users have to pay for use of services as per the amount of waste they produce.

Although the smart waste management technology field is still at an early stage, these IoT-enabled smart bins and sensors are gaining popularity globally. According to "Smart Waste Management Market by Solution, Service, Application - Global Forecast to 2021" (http://www.marketsandmarkets.com/Market-Reports/smart-waste-management-market-156128039.html#utm_source=whatech&utm_content=whatech.com/235188 report, Smart Waste Management market is expected to grow owing to the increasing number of smart city initiatives and strict government regulations. It is estimated to grow from USD 1.08 Billion in 2016 to USD 2.37 Billion by 2021, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 16.9%.

Raoul Janssen, emz environmental technology GmbH Managing Director said: "The waste market is one of the fastest evolving markets. New technologies are rapidly used and adapted by municipalities and waste collection companies. The waste business has already seen very early the benefits of IoT-solutions for optimizing their operations. With our newest products, eGate M5 and eGate S7+, we offer our customers next to the traditional data communication facilities, also the LoRa™ connectivity. These are the first Access Control products in the waste market with this type of data communication. Together with Mipot we managed to integrate their LoRaWAN™ transceiver in our newest products and we face the future of Internet of Things with great confidence.”

Tomaž Petaros, Mipot CEO, said: "We are very pleased for this new cooperation with emz – Hanauer, the recognized leader in logistic solutions for the waste collection business. The IoT is becoming a reality and with our certified LoRa™ based modules, we offer powerful products for a variety of applications. LoRaWAN™ network coverage is available in more and more regions and allows the growth of different IoT applications, like the Smart Waste Management solutions offered by emz – Hanauer. We consider emz - Hanauer an important customer for these new IoT growing market and we are ready to support emz - Hanauer in future business opportunities.”


About Mipot S.p.A.

Mipot S.p.A. is active in the electronics industry since 1973. Since the middle of the eighties Mipot has designed, manufactured and marketed a full range RF modules in the ISM bands in different market segments, from the industrial to the consumer, in Italy and worldwide. Mipot represents a one stop shop for all customers, offering product development, mass production and all the related services, from the material procurement to the personalized logistics.

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About emz - Hanauer GmbH & Co KGa & emz environmental technology GmbH

emz develops and produces electromechanical and electronic components, subassemblies and complete units to solve application-oriented problems.

Know-how, development, design, tool-making and pre-fabrication on their own premises necessitate a great depth of production processes. This enables emz to react to their customers’ wishes extremely promptly and to guarantee high quality.

The products of emz – Hanauer are sold and serviced by emz environmental technology GmbH. emz environmental technology GmbH develops and sells logistic solutions for use in the waste collection business. These solutions comprise access control systems with integrated software solutions for use on (semi-) underground waste systems and depot containers. emz environmental technology belongs with more than 27.000 installed systems through Europe to the biggest players in this area.

emz contact:

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emz - Hanauer GmbH & Co KGa ha scelto il TRX Mipot LoRaWAN™ per i loro nuovi prodotti eGate nell'ambito dello Smart Waste Management emz - Hanauer GmbH & Co KGa ha scelto il TRX Mipot LoRaWAN™ per i loro nuovi prodotti eGate nell'ambito dello Smart Waste Management