2021, 05 February

Mipot S.p.A. announces ultra-compact high performance MiP Wireless Modules Series

Mipot S.p.A. is proud to announce today the launch of a new MiP (Mipot IoT Protocols) wireless modules series for low power area networks (LPWAN).
The ultra-low power MiP series is extremely compact, less than 1 cm2, featuring LGA pattern technology, with high radio performance and built-in up-to-date IoT stacks.
The MiP series provides flexibility to your IoT design and represents a complete solution for the current wireless communication market.
The new Mipot series, integrating the STM32WL chipset, allows to choose the right solution for your needs, starting from the stand-alone module, equipped with one specific protocol (LoRaWAN, wM-Bus, Mipot LoRa Network, …) and standard peripheral interfaces (UART, SPI, I2C), up to high end modules with multiple protocols and internal open MCU (ARM® Cortex® M4/M0+), to embed your own application.
The optional Secure Element guarantees maximum security.
Designed to be deployed globally, the modules support communications in frequency bands used in Europe, USA, South America, Africa, India, Australia and the Pacific Area.
The new MiP series empowers your asset tracking, smart agriculture, renewal energy monitoring, smart cities, smart buildings, automatic metering system, home automation, industrial IIoT, healthcare monitoring system applications helping you to reduce the time-to-market for your IoT product and easily expand your business globally.
Designed and produced by MIPOT.

About Mipot S.p.A.

Mipot designs and manufactures a full range of wireless modules developed in accordance with the technical regulations and laws applicable in different markets.
The quality of our products, along with the detailed documentation and very qualified and dedicated technical support, allows a fast access of your products in the market.
Mipot headquarters are located in Cormons (Gorizia), in the North-East of Italy. Mipot has been active in the electronics industry since 1973. This has made us a reliable supplier over the years. Mipot represents a one stop shop for all customers, offering not only product development but also mass production and all the services related to it, from the material procurement to the personalized logistics.

Contact information:
Mipot S.p.A.
Via Corona 5
34071 Cormons (GO), Italy
phone: +39 0481 630200
e-mail: mipot@mipot.com
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