EMC Laboratory

Existing EM compatibility regulations in the EU and worldwide impose precise requirements for the emissions of electric/electronic devices, which are limited on one hand, and immune to different kinds of interference on the other.

Mipot, with the help of its experienced and skilled engineers and its own anechoic chamber (EMC lab), can facilitate the entire approval process. 

The availability of the EMC laboratory is on an hourly-rate basis and the target is to offer customers highly-qualified services such as:

  • support during the development of devices/systems with reference to EMC conformity
  • pre-compliance trials for EC marking
  • measures of conducted and irradiated emissions in transmitters and receivers with reference to ETSI EN 300-220, ETS EN 300-113
  • conducted and irradiated noise immunity tests with reference to ETSI EN 301489-1, EN 61000-4-2/3, EN 501130-4-5, EN 50131-5-3, EN 50134-2-3 
  • tests on antennas: radiation diagrams, gain and frequency response diagrams


EMC Laboratory EMC Laboratory