Antenna Design

A powerful transmitter and sensitive receiver are not enough for an efficient communication system. The RF application trend is moving toward more and more integrated solutions which are leading to ergonomic objects with greatly reduced dimensions. All this is generating various issues from the electromagnetic point of view and because of this an antenna suitable for the purpose is also required.

Mipot supports customers in the design and verification of various types of antennas. With decades of experience, Mipot’s technical staff have acquired a particular ability to quickly find the best antenna solution using modern simulation tools, advanced instrumentation and specifically, the anechoic chamber.

In particular Mipot can offer the following services:

  • The study and design of antennas by analyzing every application, modifying and improving a model by analyzing their behavior and defining the prototypes.
  • The study of planar or 3D antennas including the coupling phenomena with the environment, comprising the "hand" and "human body effect" of every kind of disturbing element by means of an accurate model which guarantees a high degree of approximation to reality.
  • The calculation of electric parameters and the behavior of particular circuits or parts of them, such as vias, track crossings, multilayer structures etc.
  • The dimensional definition of microstrip lines, coplanar lines, striplines on general purpose substrates for every range of frequency and specific impedance.
  • The optimization of circuit lay-outs with the aim of ensuring minimization of coupling phenomena between the different parts of the circuit as well as between the antenna and RF circuit.
  • The development upon request of any kind of application for which the analysis of high frequency electromagnetic behavior is requested.

Antenna Design Antenna Design