Otto Wireless Solutions has joined the Mipot distribution network

Cormons (GO), 3rd May 2019 – Today Mipot S.p.A. has announced that has selected Otto Wireless Solutions as its distribution partner for the standard RF modules in the ISM bands for South Africa.

Otto Wireless Solutions, based  in Randburg – Gauteng, South Africa, was established in 2010 and has been operational for a decade, delivering quality RF products and solutions to the local industry. Over the course of a few short years, Otto Wireless Solutions grew its industrial product offering to include routers and modems, as well as commercial products.

As technology has evolved, it continued to expand upon its product offering to include IoT technologies such as LoRa and Wireless M-Bus, while adding supporting products such as appropriate antennas to its portfolio.

Late in 2017 Otto Wireless Solutions drew on its experience gained over the years and launched a brand of high-end outdoor antennas, aptly named Ottennas, to the local market.

Its product range now includes complete GSM and GPS solutions, GPRS, 3G and LTE modems and routers, , antennas and RF connectors and cables and the TP Link range of networking products.

Otto Wireless Solutions prides itself on offering its customers a high level of support, both commercially and technically.

Chris Viveiros, Operations and Technical Director of Otto Wireless Solutions, says: “As customer demand for LoRa products has steadily increased, Otto Wireless Solutions has actively sought a technology partner capable of delivering module solutions for this market, and is pleased to announce that Mipot’s LoRaWAN module has received ICASA Type Approval. The product has been locally tested and is compatible with other LoraWAN products available from Otto, including our Lorix One Lora gateway. Many LoRaWAN devices were considered, but many were found to be operating well outside of the limits set by ICASA, and would therefore not be suitable for the South African market. Mipot, on the other hand, being an European product, was found not only to be compatible with local type-approval requirements,  but also provided high quality documentation, and the team at Mipot displayed an enthusiastic approach to working with Otto Wireless Solutions to grow the market.”.

Tomaž Petaros, Mipot CEO, said: "We are very happy to partner with Otto Wireless Solutions, because they know very well the territory and they can help us to help us entering the South African market. This is a new step in the realization of our distribution network."


About Otto Wireless Solutions

Otto Wireless Solutions was founded in 2010 as an offshoot from Otto Marketing, which was founded by the managing director of Otto Wireless, Barry Culligan, in 1990, and has its headquarter in Randburg – Gauteng, South Africa. It’s a supplier of innovative electronic & wireless devices and related products for a wide variety of applications over a board of variety customers. Otto Wireless Solutions offers excellent technical support to ensure its customers achieve full potential of its products.   


Otto Wireless Solutions Contact:
Chris Viveiros, Operations and Technical Director
Tel: +27 11 791 1033
Skype: christopher.viveiros


About Mipot S.p.A.

Mipot S.p.A. is active in the electronics industry since 1973. Since the middle of the eighties Mipot has designed, manufactured and marketed RF modules in the ISM bands and has since then sold more than 30 million RF modules in different market segments, from the industrial to the consumer, in Italy and worldwide. Today Mipot offers a full range of RF modules and serves the market also by offering EMS and ODM services. Mipot represents a one stop shop for all customers, offering not only product development but also mass production and all the related services, from the material procurement to the personalized logistics.


Mipot contact:
Tomaž Petaros , CEO
Tel: +39 0481 630200