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Mipot designs, manufactures and sells RF modules in the ISM bands for different market segments from the industry to the consumer, in Italy and worldwide. Mipot offers a full range of RF modules developed in accordance with the technical regulations and laws applicable in different markets. During the development of the module we solve all the technical issues related to the radio frequency. The quality of our products, along with the detailed documentation and very qualified and accessible technical support, enables a fast introduction of your products in the market.

Mipot serves the market by offering high-quality EMS and ODM services. With our experienced and highly motivated technical staff we support you in all development stages of your product, starting with the selection of the most appropriate components from performance and cost point of view, moving on to product engineering and manufacturing.

Mipot offers the newest wireless technology solutions for Internet of Things (IoT), Machine to Machine (M2M) and other Low Power Wide Area Network applications (LPWA).

Mipot headquarters are located in Cormons (Gorizia), in the North-East of Italy. Mipot has been active in the electronics industry since 1973. This has made us a reliable supplier over the years. Mipot represents a one stop shop for all customers, offering not only product development but also mass production and all the services related to it, from the material procurement to the personalized logistics.

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