Aumento delle capacitÓ produttive Mipot

Cormons (GO), 10th February 2017 – Mipot has announced an improvement of its production capability with the addition of a new SMD line and a brand new laboratory for conformal coating.

Since 1992 Mipot offers EMS and ODM services including:

·         Component Sourcing

·         SMT

·         THT

·         Assembling

·         End of Line Testing

·         Personalized Logistics

The SMD production process is now improved with the third production line, which includes the Yamaha YSM20 High-Efficiency Modular Surface Mounter and the YCP10 High-Performance Compact Printer. This has increased the mounting capability and improved the quality of the SMD production process as well. 

A significant improvement in the Mipot production is also the addition of a fully automated conformal coating process. The new laboratory for conformal coating includes a Nordson Asymtech machine, which will provide a higher productivity and quality in the automated coating process.   


About Mipot S.p.A.

Mipot S.p.A., a KB1909 company, is active in the electronics industry since 1973. Since the middle of the eighties Mipot has designed, manufactured and marketed RF modules in the ISM bands and has since then sold more than 20 million RF modules in different market segments, from the industrial to the consumer, in Italy and worldwide. Today Mipot offers a full range of RF modules and serves the market also by offering EMS and ODM services. Mipot represents a one stop shop for all customers, offering not only product development but also mass production and all the related services, from the material procurement to the personalized logistics.

Mipot contact:

Mipot S.p.A.

Via Corona, 5

I-34071 Cormons (GO)

Tel.: +39 0481 630200


Aumento delle capacitÓ produttive Mipot Aumento delle capacitÓ produttive Mipot