32001353 LoRaWAN 868MHz TRX


The 32001353 is a transceiver operating in the 868MHz SRD Band optimized for very long range, low consumption applications, suitable for Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWA networks). Based on Lora™ RF Technology and LoRaWAN™ protocol it provides ultra-long range spread spectrum communication and high interference immunity. The transceiver is dedicated for battery operated devices operating in the regional, national or global network. It allows a low-cost secure two-way communication in the Internet of Things.
Certified according to R&TTED 1999/05/EC and compliant with the ReACH and ROHS directives and designed to be compliant with the RED 2014/53/EU


All applications where a long range capability is needed. The module can be used for a large number of Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine to Machine (MtoM) applications, security systems, alarms, sensor networks, metering, smart buildings, agriculture, supply chain, street lighting, fleet tracking, GPS tracking.


Technical data sheet